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Marco bases his work on the creation of new paths and connections between art & design through learning classic craftsmen techniques. He focuses his design vision towards the most tangible and sensitive side of objects, just like a craftsmen. Basing his concepts on the most human aspects of objects, he pays special attention to transversal creativity in projects, contributing with fresh, current and unique ideas.

He has his own identity for conceptualization inspired by the past icons as well as the futuristic aesthetics and trends.


Marco develops projects based on his own ideas but also, he works with architects, designers and private clients with whom he can evolve and express his self with freedom and confidence. Whether are based on his ideas adapting sizes and chromatic ranges, or based on a brief, fitting any project through his three main project pillars. Objects from a wide variety of techniques, Artwork applying his painting style and universe, and textile design thanks to his knowledge learned with Be The Future project.

Marco can create pieces with a unique style and touch.

Picture Cosme Pelotillo

Marco Calhau
Zaragoza, Spain.